Designated Driver Dubai

Features Designated Driver Dubai

The app's features allow you to find safe drivers and show you the ones which are nearest. Compare prices, track the approaching driver, and be notified when he arrives.

Find a driver

Don't plan ahead!

When you are ready to leave - book your driver. You won't have to wait long for him to arrive.

Compare prices

Make sure you get the best deal! Once booked - the price is fixed. No surprises. Pay the driver in cash.

Pickup and drop-off

Enter your pickup location and drop-off location. The app will let your driver know where to pick you up and drop you off. By default the pickup location will be your current location and the drop-off location your home.

Check which drivers are nearest

Check which drivers are near and how long it would take each to arrive.

Track the driver

Track the driver on the map, check the estimated time of arrival based on current traffic conditions, and get a notification when he arrives. Then all you have to do is get on the car and you're off to enjoy your ride!

Safe drivers: you and your car are in safe hands

Our drivers are professional drivers. All are employed by companies licensed in Dubai to provide driver services. Sit back and relax, you're in the hands of a safe driver.

Who is the designated driver tonight?

Watch the video and find out.

App Screenshots

Browse through the app screens and see for yourself how easy it is to find a safe driver in Dubai.

  • 1

    Select your pickup location and drop-off location.

    Make a selection at the From and To fields or by choosing Origin and Destination and placing a marker on the screen. Confirm by selecting “ok”

  • 2

    Request pickup

    The blue cars displayed on the next screen are the nearest drivers. You can tab one or more to check the trip price, when the driver will arrive, as well as the driver's statistics. When ready to order a driver, click “Confirm”. You can send requests to multiple drivers.

  • 3

    Approve one driver

    You will be notified when a driver accepts the request, the car will turn orange. Approve one request by clicking the orange car. The pickup screen will open, which will display the location of the driver and his estimated time of arrival.

  • 4

    Meet the driver

    When the driver arrives you will receive a notification.

  • 5

    Getting home

    When you are in your car the route and the estimated time of arrival at your drop-off place will be shown. When the trip has finished the amount due (payable in cash) will be displayed on the screen.

Download Designated Driver App

The designated driver app allows you to find the nearest drivers in Dubai that can drive you home in your own car, and compare their rates and estimated times of arrival.