How to find the cheapest safe driver to drive me home in my own car?

The app will present you with the 5 nearest drivers. For each of these drivers the price will be displayed as well as the number of minutes it takes him to arrive. We work with many driver companies and each can set their own rates. They can calculate their rate based on different parameters, such as the expected time of the trip, the expected time to pick you up and drive back to their base – all based on actual traffic conditions. So you can expect prices to be higher when it is busy on the roads. In any case, because you can compare rates, you can always make sure you get the best rate available.

How will the driver get back?

Thanks for your concern 🙂

Someone else from the driver’s company will pick him up.

How long will I have to wait?

You can check the cars in the vicinity and clicking a car will tell you what the price is as well as how long it is estimated to take for the driver to arrive – based on actual traffic conditions. After the driver has accepted your booking request and you have approved it, the pickup screen will open and you will see where he is and his estimated time of arrival.

Do the drivers work for Designated Driver?

No, the drivers are all employed by companies licensed to provide driver services in Dubai. The role of the Designated Driver app is to provide a neutral platform where driver companies can make their services available. This allows you to have access to a wide selection of drivers and choose the nearest and / or least expensive one. Hence we do not provide drivers employed by us.

Can I cancel an approved booking if I change my mind?

The booking process has three steps:

  1. You send booking requests to one or more drivers. Their cars turn red. Nothing final at this stage.
  2. Drivers have a few minutes to accept a request. Once drivers accept the request their car will turn orange. Nothing final yet. You don’t have to confirm any of these accepted requests, you can let them expire.
  3. Once you click one of the accepted requests (the Orange cars) the request will be approved, it will be final, the driver will immediately start driving towards you. So please don’t cancel after this 🙁

However, you can always cancel a booking – even if you already approved it. However, in this case, if you do so this will mean that a “no-show” will be recorded on your profile.

Driver companies can decide to charge more to a passenger who has a no-show record or to filter out future booking requests of passengers with a high no-show percentage.

You can still cancel without a no-show being recorded however if the driver arrives more than 20 minutes late.

Can a driver cancel an approved booking?

Yes. However after you have approved a booking request doing so will mean that a “no-show” will be recorded on his profile.  This will reduce his chances of getting a customer in the future. So it is unlikely that a driver will cancel an approved booking. Note however that a driver can cancel a booking without having a no-show recorded on his profile if you let him wait for longer than 15 minutes after the booked time or after his arrival at the pickup location (if later). In your “settings” menu you can filter out drivers that have a high no-show rating or a high average delay.

What should I do if the driver doesn't arrive in time?

In the unlikely event that this happens we suggest you call him using the Call button in the pick-up screen. If you have not received a message that the driver has arrived within 20 minutes after the confirmed booked time then the Cancel button in the pickup screen will turn blue and you can cancel without a “no-show” being recorded on your profile (a “no show” will be recorded on the driver’s profile in this case).

What if the driver damages my car or incurs a fine?

The drivers we arrange are all employed by licensed driver companies. They are trained and experienced in driving safely.

You are only allowed to make use of our service if you have full comprehensive insurance for your car and if you are the owner of the car or are using the Service with the owner’s consent. In case of damage you have to use your own insurance company to file a claim for reimbursement of damages.

In case of damage or fine which due to the driver’s fault the driver’s employer, the driving company, will be liable for damages only up to an amount of AED 500 or the excess of the insurance policy – whichever is less.

Designated Driver’s role is limited exclusively to linking car owners with driver companies, as represented by their drivers, to make it easy for you to find the nearest ones and compare rates. Accordingly, Designated Driver cannot be held liable for any damage suffered or caused by the driver in relation to a booking made through the Mobile App. 

Is the agreed fare at the time of booking the final price?

Yes it is all-inclusive and it is payable unless you or the driver cancels the request before your trip has started. Pay the driver in cash at the end of the trip. You will be reminded of the amount payable when you arrive.

I see a section "Vouchers" in the menu. What is this for?

If you are lucky you might get your hands on a voucher. A voucher will give you a discount on the fare you have agreed to – or even a free trip.

The vouchers will have a QR code. Whenever you get a voucher scan it with the app, preferably before the trip but you can do so until the trip is completed. The agreed price will be reduced with the value of the voucher (but you will not get money back in case the voucher value is higher than the trip price!). Vouchers must be used before their expiration date.

How long can I let the driver wait?

Please check the confirmed booking time in the pickup screen. You will see the driver approaching if you keep the app open. You will also be notified by app notification message when he has arrived. It is best to keep the app screen open.

If you have not met the driver within 15 minutes of him arriving (or 15 minutes after the confirmed booking time in case that is later) then he can cancel, in which case this will be recorded as a no-show on your profile.

Driver companies can decide to charge more to a passenger who has a no-show record or to filter out future booking requests of passengers with a high no-show percentage. And they can do the same based on the average time drivers had to wait for you in the past.

So keep their waiting time as brief as possible will keep everybody happy!




How do I pay for the trip?

In cash only! Please make sure you have enough cash with you. Pay the amount directly to the driver at the end of the trip.

When can I not use the service?

Well, if you don’t agree with the Terms of Use, but here are a few main points:

If you do not accept that the liability of the driver company is limited to AED 500.

If you do not want to use your own full comprehensive auto insurance in case of an accident or if it has expired.

If you are not the owner of the car or are using it without his permission.

Is it possible that there are no drivers available?

Yes it is possible. Just select Find Designated Driver in the home screen to find how many drivers are available now. Our aim is to match the number of drivers with demand. We can quickly scale up to make more drivers available but obviously scaling is not instantaneous.