How to Find a Safe Driver in Dubai

Finding a safe driver in Dubai just takes a few clicks

We provide a platform for companies in Dubai that provide drivers to offer their driver services through our mobile app, ensuring the widest possible coverage in Dubai. Our aim is to enable you to find a safe driver in Dubai – wherever you are – that can arrive within 15 minutes. The app enables you to check how many minutes it takes for the 5 nearest drivers to arrive and to compare their prices – enabling you to get the best safe driver rates as well.

It takes these steps to order the driver:

  1. Select pick-up location
  2. Select drop-off location
  3. Click Find Designated Driver
  4. Check for Available drivers – and compare
  5. Send a request to one or more driver
  6. Approve one driver
  7. The “pick-up” screen will open and you will see your driver approaching
  8. Keep the app screen open: when the driver has arrived you will be notified

Select pick-up location

Select a pickup address

Select drop-off location

Find Designated Driver

Find Designated Driver

Compare Available drivers

Available drivers

Send request(s) to driver(s)

Request a Driver

Approve a driver

Approve a trip

Driver on his way

Driver on his way to pick you up

Your designated driver has arrived!

Driver has arrived

Arrival at drop-off location

Arrival at drop-off location